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Surprise yourself with incredible results right from the start. Follow Colin's step by step videos and paint pictures you never thought possible.

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As well as it being a fun hobby, painting has been proven to help reduce stress, anxiety and improve overall wellbeing!

How to paint using watercolour

With Colin's courses you'll learn easy painting techniques that will help you produce incredible paintings.

Easy proven techniques to produce stunning paintings

You've never seen watercolour done this way before. Learn an entirely new approach that builds confidence to go on and paint your own incredible pictures.

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With Colin's Watercolour courses you'll achieve incredible detail in your paintings using fine brushes. Try his free courses and get started today.

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When you buy a Course, you'll get access to our exclusive Facebook Group where you can get support from our Colin and our team and tips on where to improve.

About Colin

Colin Bradley's been teaching drawing and painting for nearly 30 years. In 1982, he became a professional artist and opened his gallery in Broadstairs, England. Colin has a popular YouTube channel where he teaches people all over the world how to draw and paint.